As you may have already know, an aircraft can be built from a few cubes and disc(aka propeller) in the lab.  Once built they can roam around. If they have spheres on them they can be used as a good air to ground striker most likely. If they have prisms then they can be given anti air capability at the cost of large energy consumption. So with these you have got a few units you can use at hand for purposes like scope, strike, or even scrap collecting or a maintenance ship. However their clumsy movement annoyed the hell out of people.

Now it is time to introduce a new control system programmed into the disc’s core. This allows the ships made using them to move among various types of terrain without crushing into ground. And they will always find a good path between key locations. We have this demonstration here:

If you are experiencing energy shortage on your ship feel free to switch some discs to generator mode. That way they will attract ions from the environment and finally utilization. 100% environmental.