With the introduction of these railway tracks, the cylinder block has a new use: wheels. The cars made using these cylinder motors are just like regular flying units, except on ground and less relying on the propeller discs. These vehicles cannot just run on a flat ground. If you observe carefully, the center body falls in the gaps between the inner tracks, making the structure lower so the cylinders will touch the tracks well. This will not happen on a flat ground.


This is my train departure. The tracks are carefully designed so the train car will not get stuck at turnings unless it is too big. You can notice the wider gap between the inner tracks here. Also in the above scenario, there are actually three shorter ones. The ones behind will push the front one forward.

These prebuilt tracks in the map provide strategic opportunities. For this one it is actually like a mine railway connecting to a location with scraps, a resource for gathering. And the track is circular so the “mine carts” on it will automatically come and go in loops.


Encountered some enemy defenses. Unfortunately no weapon is installed so I am just taking damage.


Notice the enemy prism block can hide in the wall of cubes or extended out to attack. This is done by using a piston block.

When set in automatic mode, this block can extend to allow other blocks to fulfill their wish.(In this case, the prism attacking target). Otherwise it will be retracted hiding inside for safety.






My debug bomber has arrived and taken them out.

Compared to aircraft, train is more suited for heavy (industrial) use. They move relatively slow and it would be a huge disadvantage against some sneaky fasting moving drones. Well, unless well defended.

Here I have built one to push heavy materials – a few dozens of cubes to slide on the track. The strong pushing power come from cylinders. If using discs, I would need quite a few of them just to lift up.


So, similarly it is probably a good idea to push some heavy weapons armored with walls of cubes forward.