It’s been a few years since the last blog post. Quite a lot of things have happened in real life. A few months after last post, I had an international relocation. I moved back to my hometown in my home country. After the messiness involved with moving countries, I had a new place as base of operation. Development has been going OK later in 2015.

But, game development like this can be depressing sometimes for a lone wolf like myself, especially with a bit of financial struggling. In terms of how an adult should be planning for his career it is neither a very good option. It did also cost some very good opportunities. Felt stuck, I took a break at the beginning of 2016 and went for an AAA 3D programmer job. So less time was available for this project. It was an extremely hopeless situation and I had to do what I had to do by stepping away for a while.

Some blog readers are probably too frustrated. I am very sorry for this.

Then during the busy days, I went back and revisit this project from time to time like some people. During the free days I had more time devoted to the project. I still had the urge to finish this as every revisit shows an interesting game. I can’t take it slow forever. And it would be a huge disappointment to entirely abandon it.

The planetary concept was developed during part time. We have rockets transferring materials, some large environment structures surrounding atmosphere mining (visual), clouds in background, etc. There is also a planetary transition which will be useful for possible space missions as an extension. During this time, the music for the game was also complete. Some bugs were fixed (there was even a memory corruption due to a C++ compiler bug)

labtd_x64 2018-05-20 16-43-58-92.avi_snapshot_01.30_[2018.06.02_01.26.32] lab_2018_5_17_003300 

There will also be a survival mode with two hardcore defense missions where the enemy should be coming in hordes(gradually). In one map you will be using the duplicator block and octahedron block for production of supplemental source materials. This map still needs work. It should be on time for release.


Now we have a Steam page. Once the last map is settled, a release date will be finalized. The old demo was hidden to avoid confusion as it is too old, after discussing with Steam. You should still be able to install it with this steam url however.

About the keys, I don’t know when it is a good time to send out these keys. But it will definitely come before official release. Sorry for the waiting, you will get it.