Let the testing begin!

So the game keys have been sent to the testers. If you have signed up previously, you should be receiving an email with the key.

The game should run well. But if you encounter any issues, feel free to send an email to feedback@laboratory.systems or post on the Steam forums. Coming closer to release things will get piled up and chaotic. So I am prioritizing potential issues in the following order:

  • Crashes.
  • Confusing places you get stuck or don’t know what to do. That is probably the issue with the game and should be fixed.
  • Non blocking bugs. Bugs that don’t prevent game progression.
  • Other improvements

The game has a functionality which allows you to take a screenshot with F2 key or record a webm video with F3 key by default, unless key bindings were changed otherwise. Whenever necessary, attach these recording files to help explain the in-game situation surrounding the issue you are trying to report.

Update Feb 2019:

  • There were a lot of work with regional publisher GameraGame. The game now has a Chinese version. The publisher will take a lot of care bringing this game to China.
  • There were quite a few bugs reported by their QA. The bugs were tracked down and fixed.
  • Actually, now it seems more and more likely the “Aircraft Platform” in “Geometry Combinations” is too difficult. For someone first get to build air units, there may be some trail and error initially. When it comes to defending enemy air armada, some may not be used to the controls and pinpoint their parts of weakness manually. So considering all of these, I added quite some starting components at “Aircraft Platform”. Why not? More sand in a sandbox is just better. Build better ships.


Update week of 07/01:

  • Fixed unit collision avoidance bug: air mobile structure escapes small ground structures.
  • Tutorial panel improvements: additional panels later in the missions.
  • Added tooltip on the reason why a part is locked in sandbox.


Update 06/28:

  • Fixed some potential issues that may cause save/load to crash.
  • Input system mouse compatibility.

Update 06/26:

  • Fixed potential crash due to failed input detection.
  • Made continue button go to next mission when a map is finished.

Update 06/24:

  • The D3D issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed the challenge board in sandbox.
  • There is also a bug with the Return button once in sandbox. The sandbox is supposed to be a parallel universe sandbox which exists concurrently with the current main game. The return button is supposed to switch back to main game. But it always resets progress and goes back to main menu, losing the main mission progress before switching into sandbox. Now this has been fixed. Sorry if you encounter this during testing.
  • For the boss “level”, I have reduced the power of the Megacube boss. Now it has weaker lasers. Saved game still uses the saved version. I hope I didn’t make it too easy the other way. I also added a few hints:

boss1_hint1  boss1_hint2


Update 06/23:

  • Fixed docking site blocked problem. The checking was too sensitive on the blockage. The drops from the vehicle in “Transportation Line” can fall close to the docking site and make it undockable. Unless the player know he can send something there and clear it up. But this is not supposed to happen in the first mission.


  • I have added some emphasis in the hints and tutorials about the remaining use of projectile weapon in “Transportation Line” after the introduction of prism, fearing that some people might not understand remaining tactical advantage of projectile in some circumstances, making it a bit more difficult to defend against the “crushers” climbing up from cliff. Here is what I mean:


  • Fixed some soundtrack volume inconsistency.
  • Found a D3D related low level bug. Must be fixed.